Oldal kiválasztása


The Massacre of the Innocents

c. 1511–12
Pen and brown ink
260 × 400 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 2195


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Pen and brown ink, some details probably retouched with darker brown ink, some repairs in lead white, framed in pen and black ink, on tan paper


Nicolaus Esterházy (Lugt 1965); Hungarian National Picture Gallery (Lugt 2000)


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Extremely abraded overall surface, worn and damaged with some stains. Creases towards the bottom. Repaired tears at right and left edges. Small holes towards top. Water stains at lower centre and on the kneeling female figure at front. The severely abraded ink caused loss of details. Some parts probably retouched in a darker tone ink. Infrared reflectograph shows spolvero marks and traces of underdrawing in dry black carbon-based media, probably black chalk or charcoal.






Watermark: visible

Chain lines: 37/41 (horizontal)

Laid lines: not visible

In ultraviolet-induced luminescence

In ultraviolet-induced luminescence in greyscale

Infrared reflectograph

In transmitted light

In raking light

Photo montage






The digitally coloured engraving of The Massacre of the Innocents ‘with fir tree’ superimposed on the Budapest drawing

Photo montage II






The digitally coloured engraving of The Massacre of the Innocents ‘without fir tree’ superimposed on the Budapest drawing

IR reflectograph, raking light, transmitted light, UV-induced luminescence, watermark