Oldal kiválasztása

cat038 (Raphael 1943)


Head of an Angel

c. 1519–20
Black chalk
308 × 254 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 1943


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The decorative scheme of the Sala di Costantino, the great papal audience hall in the Vatican Palace, was conceived by Raphael, but was painted by his two principal colleagues, Giovanni Francesco Penni and Giulio Romano. The chalk drawing elaborates the head of an angel accompanying an enthroned pope, but was never executed in this form. Possibly intended as a cartoon, a full-size drawing for the transfer of contours onto the wall, it was not employed in the end. After Raphael’s death, Giulio repeated the angel’s head of the Budapest drawing in unaltered form on his cartoon for The Stoning of Saint Stephen altarpiece for the church of Santo Stefano in Genoa.

cat032 (Perino 1868)

Perino del Vaga

Battle of Centaurs and Lapiths

c. 1545–47
Black chalk
197 × 284 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 1868




The Cassetta Farnese, a silver-gilt casket made for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, was decorated with six oval rock crystals, engraved with mythological subjects (Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples). Two of the compositions are based upon antique prototypes, whereas the other four were designed by Perino del Vaga in the first half of the 1540s. Related to the corresponding scene, the Budapest drawing lacks the characteristics of finished studies. It may have been made after the crystal for another purpose, most probably a bronze plaquette.