Oldal kiválasztása


Design for a Temporary Decoration (recto)

after 1509
Pen and brown ink




Sketches for the Disputa (verso)

c. 1508–9
Pen and brown ink
200 × 153 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 1935



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The particular purpose of the pen study of the recto side is unknown, but it was possibly produced for a temporary decoration. The inclusion of trophies and Mars suggests a victory celebration, but the putto with the inverted torch rather indicates a funerary context. Raphael borrowed the pose of the main figure and the putto from the famous Antique sculpture, the Apollo Belvedere.
Raphael arrived in Rome in the autumn of 1508 to decorate the Vatican suite of rooms, the so-called Stanze, of Pope Julius II. The fresco of the Disputation of the Holy Sacrament, in the first room called Stanza della Segnatura, represents the Church on earth and in heaven, with the Trinity above an altar. Raphael created more preliminary drawings for this composition than for any other work in his career; no fewer than thirty sheets survived. This sketch for a group of cherubs and an angel of the verso side was drawn for the upper right part of the fresco.

drawing, pen-and-ink, Raphael