Oldal kiválasztása

Polidoro da Caravaggio
(c. 1499–c. 1543)

Design for a Decoration

c. 1520–24
Pen and wash in brown ink
320 × 217 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 1858




The painter of Lombardian origin and a member of Raphael’s workshop, Polidoro da Caravaggio participated in the decoration of the Vatican Logge from 1518. After Raphael’s death, he painted façade frescoes of several Roman palaces. The Budapest drawing is a design for a barrel-vaulted chamber of a palace or a villa. The grotesques of the ceiling and the illusionistic wall-decoration with fictive windows, portrait busts, and putti upholding a coat of arms was inspired by contemporary and antique models.

drawing, pen-and-ink, Polidoro da Caravaggio