Oldal kiválasztása

Perino del Vaga

Sketches for the Decoration of a Ceiling

c. 1528–30
Pen and brown ink
203 × 150 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 1930




During his decade-long stay in Genoa, Perino decorated the renovated Palazzo Doria with frescoes and stuccoes. The works celebrated Andrea Doria as defender of the Genoese Republic with references to mythology and Roman history. The sheet contains rapid sketches for the painted spandrels of the ceiling of the atrium. The figures, bound by lines indicating the architecture, can be identified as Neptune and Hebe at the top, Hercules and Vesta at the bottom. The smaller groups in between are early ideas for the historical scenes of the lunettes.

drawing, pen-and-ink, Perino del Vaga