Oldal kiválasztása

Jacopo Caraglio
(c. 1500/5–1565)
After Perino del Vaga

Jupiter and Mnemosyne

Engraving, 211 × 135 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 6748
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Jupiter’s loves supplied the subject of five engravings of the series. Jupiter charmed Mnemosyne, goddess of memory in the guise of a shepherd, and from their nine amorous nights the muses were born. In the profane scene only the inclusion of Amor, and Jupiter’s eagle suggests that we are witnessing the love of deities. The inscription, engraved on a separate plate, belongs to another print of the series, the Apollo and Huacinthos, and was interchanged during the printing of later impressions.

engraving, Jacopo Caraglio, Perino del Vaga, print