Oldal kiválasztása

Giulio Romano

Erotic Scene

after 1524
Pen and wash in brown ink, over black chalk,
heightened with white
130 × 226 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 2419




Giulio Romano left Rome in 1524 to enter the service of Federico II Gonzaga at the Mantuan ducal court. Thus he avoided the Roman scandal caused by his pornographic drawings reproduced in engravings by Marcantonio Raimondi. By the order of Pope Clement VII, the series I modi (The Ways), depicting erotic postures, was destroyed and the engraver imprisoned. Giulio’s Budapest drawing of an older man and a young woman is close in spirit to the series I modi, but was executed already in Mantua. Similar erotic scenes appear among the frescoes of the Palazzo del Tè.

drawing, Giulio Romano, pen-and-ink