Oldal kiválasztása

Marco Dente


c. 1520−25
464 × 326 mm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 6843


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The engraver from Ravenna, Marco Dente worked in Rome from the mid-1510s, where he made many prints after compositions by Raphael and his circle. This engraving represents the Laocoön group with almost archaeological precision, in front of a ruinous antique wall. At the time of the print’s execution, as indicated by the inscription of the pedestal, the marble was already placed in the Belvedere courtyard, thus the background suggesting the site of its rediscovery may be the printmaker’s invention. Dente depicted the sculpture in its almost original state, without later supplements. His print shows similarities to the Budapest drawing, but has no direct connection with it.

engraving, Marco Dente, print